Mangrove Pruning

Mangrove trees are essential to maintaining the health of the coastline including both holding the land against erosion, and providing a nurturing habitat for aquatic life. The importance mangrove trees play to keeping the shoreline in place cannot be overstated, and now mangroves are protected by state regulations.

However it is understandable that owners of waterfront homes want to be able to enjoy the views their home's location affords.

GreenTech Arborists can balance both needs with a mangrove pruning maintenance program that is in full compliance with State regulations. By having the mangroves pruned to regulated heights, homeowners are opening up the water views while ensuring that their waterfront property does not suffer erosion damage, and that the natural environment is not harmed.

As certified arborists with 15 years of experience in maintaining the health of trees along Sarasota's waterfront, GreenTech offers experienced mangrove pruning services along with our comprehensive landscape maintenance solutions.

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